Frequently Asked Questions


What are your “Ultra-Durable” products?

Our “Ultra Durable Line” of products have been constructed with a flexible ABS plastic headband which allows the headband to be twisted in every which direction without damage. The design of our cords makes them extra durable with a reinforced, braided cable. This cable is made to be chew-resistant and withstand against tireless hands playing with it.


How can I purchase your products?

We strive to make the purchasing of ThinkWrite products as efficient and easy as possible. We offer various forms of purchasing. For customers looking to purchase products in small quantities we recommend purchasing through Amazon or contacting us directly at Also, our Ultra Durable Headsets and Headphones, Ultra-Light Headphone, and 10-Port Charger qualify for Amazon Prime shipping. If you are looking to order a larger quantity we ask that you fill out our quote form and we will get back to you with an estimate. Additionally, ThinkWrite works with many major resellers who can work with your district/school to place an order.


Can your 10-Port Charger really charge 10 devices at once?

Yes, our 10-Port Chargers are built with smart charging chips that detect what power output is needed to charge each individual device. Each port can rapidly charge each device with up to 2.4amps at once. It takes roughly 3-4 hrs to fully charge each individual device when a device’s power is fully depleted.


What is the warranty on your products?

For all “Ultra Durable Line” products we provide a two year warranty. On all other products including Ultra Light Headphones, 10-Port Chargers, and Keyboards the warranty is one year. Please see our support page for more information. 


How do you clean your products?

All of our products are designed with easy care in mind, and can be wiped down with sanitizing wipes to ensure cleanliness in the classroom and avoid the spread of germs.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Districts/schools looking to order larger volumes of product can qualify for volume pricing. If you are interested in ordering in bulk please fill out this form to receive a free quote or contact your preferred reseller. 


Are your headsets/headphones compatible with other devices besides an iPad?

Our headsets can be used with any device that uses a single connector for recording and listening. Devices include iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, smartphones and Android tablets. Most current laptops support the single audio port for listening and recording. If a computer or laptop has two audio ports, ThinkWrite sells a splitter so that the headsets can be used on the these computers. ThinkWrite now offers the option to purchase headsets with a USB cord that are compatible with all Chromebooks, laptops, and desktop computers with USB ports.

How does the warranty process work?

We understand that your time is valuable and try and make the warranty process as simple as we can. Please read the warranty for the item you are inquiring about prior to submitting a claim. Photo documentation of the item is a requirement for all warranty claims. Please email photos of units you are requesting replacement of to to help expedite claim process and fill out the warranty form here. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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