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Our Story

ThinkWrite was formed in 2013 by Mike Guerena, a former Education Technology Director, who saw a need for improved mobile device accessories in classrooms. ThinkWrite was born to meet the needs of schools and districts that are implementing mobile devices into their learning environment. We design mobile device accessories that are specifically created to meet the needs of the education market. Our products are built with durability, comfort and ease of use.

Our Mission

ThinkWrite was also established to share knowledge of a successful iPad one to one implementation with other educators. Being an early pioneer in this area has provided us with insights that we wished we would have had when starting in 2011. We want to share this knowledge through our web site for free with whomever needs it. We are available for consulting should your school or district need more extensive support for your implementation.


ThinkWrite Products

ThinkWrite has specially designed and tested accessories for the classroom environment including, Ultra-Durable headsets with high fidelity speakers and microphone, Ultra-Light headphones, and 10-Port USB charging stations. Let ThinkWrite be your mobile device program partner and outfit your district or school today.

Wholesale Orders

Get a price break by ordering in bulk. Get your next district/school wholesale order in any one of our line of product offerings. ThinkWrite works with a number of resellers to help with the ordering process.


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