ThinkWrite Headset Review From Erin Klein

Erin Klein graciously shared her thoughts on the ThinkWrite headset on her blog. We always appreciate any positive feedback. She is a great educator to follow on Twitter (@kleinerin) and also has fantastic blog.


ThinkWrite Headsets: Build with Students in Mind

I was so excited when a great friend of mine suggested I try these headsets for my classroom. She knew I was trying many creative strategies with my students to personalize instruction within our classroom. The more we talked, I shared some of the positives and negatives within our attempt towards a blended learning space. Honestly, the only negative aspects were issues where we lacked resources.

When she and I discussed the environment, it was clear that one area that could be improved was the need for a quieter space. Because our classroom is small, noise travels. Therefore, anytime we would work with technology, I would have to have the students turn the volume nearly all the way down. Otherwise, nearby groups wouldn’t be able to focus on the work in their center, or station. Additionally, when each group was working around the room, it became a bit chaotic with the different sounds bouncing from each group, even though they were doing their best to be as quiet as possible. It became even more of a challenge for me to work with my teacher guided small group because of all the noise happening within the small groups. Sadly, each group would get mildly frustrated because they couldn’t even hear the information being shared from their device since the volume couldn’t be turned up that loudly.

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