ThinkWrite Headset Review From

This is a post and video review that originally appeared on Brent Warner’s blog.

Back when I was managing a school we would have kids running in and out of the computer lab, tugging at headsets, bending the earpieces, and constantly searching for driver problems with connecting the headset to the computer. If only I had these ThinkWrite headsets back then.

gdW4OHDLwHDaK7hm3XGtSdr2jYpKEz4nEDp7XHO1QY96kzWFfWsPtsXBDyxsYfgbmWe often get so caught up with finding the next cool piece of software that we forget how important a solid piece of hardware can be. Our schools don’t put much thought into them and simply continue to order crappy replacement units for crappy original headsets, computers, etc.

That’s why it was so refreshing to find a small education hardware company that seems to be making solid products that work. The fine folks at ThinkWrite sent me a review unit of their headsets, and I have to say I’m impressed.

When I took the unit out of the box I found the headset to be comfortable and seemingly sturdy. The ear cups were a little small for my massive head – but the sound came through clear and even after wearing them for a while, my ears didn’t get sore.

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