The Notability app is great for having students write on documents like they would on paper. It also has the added advantage of being able to zoom into a document and write in smaller print anywhere on the page. The options are limitless to what students can do with this. With built in access to and from Google Drive, students can open and share back with the teacher in only a few clicks.

Workflow for students to write on PDFs in Notablity and share back to teacher in Google Drive

Workflow: Student accesses PDF in Google Drive and “Opens In” Notability – Student edits PDF in Notability and sends back to Google Drive

Reviewing Student Work From Notability In Google Drive

Once students have turned in their work from Notability to Google Drive in PDF form, the teacher just needs to access the location of the file and open up in their Google Drive. From there they can assess it. When Google Classroom is available in August the workflow of assessing from Google Drive will be built in to the program.

If the teacher opens up the student PDF in Notability, they can write on it as well. They would follow the same steps that the students did to send back to Google Drive.

Student Sharing Notability PDF to Edmodo

If you are an Edmodo user your students can send the PDF to Edmodo and attach to the assignment that was created for it.


Workflow: Post assignment PDF to Edmodo – Students access PDF in Edmodo and “Open In” Notability – Students work on PDF in Edmodo and export back to Edmodo.

Use Notability for a Student Journal.

Notability can be used for more than just writing on PDFs. Students can open a new notebook and use it as a journal. They have unlimited notebooks, so they can create notebooks for different subjects, books they are reading and any other time they would need a notebook. In addition to writing, the students can add typed text, images, shapes or anything else that can be inserted through the program.



Less Paper Ideas

Less Paper With Google

Using Google Apps for students to submit work electronically.

Less Paper With Edmodo

Use Edmodo to adapt tests, assignments and classroom discussions to digital.

Less Paper With Notability

Use iPads for digital journals, notes, and annotating any PDF.