Turn it into Google

Sharing FoldersStudents can get nearly anything on their iPad into Google Drive. Once it is in Google Drive, students will need a method to turn the work into their teacher. The standard for this has been to share a folder or folders with students and have them turn in work into the shared folder. This takes some organization on the teacher’s part to make sure there are folders that students can access. Students also can share the work directly with their teacher, this however is a lot less organized than having a specific folder in which the students turn in their work.

There are two variations on the shared folder management that can be utilized. The first is to create a folder for each student and share to their Google account. Anything the student puts into the folder is accessible to the teacher. The second is to create a class folder that is shared with all the students and create sub folders for each assignment. Students would move their work into the assignment folder and the teacher has it all in one place. All folders under the main folder are automatically accessible to students and do not have to shared individually.

For schools that use Hapara Teacher Dashboard, sharing is much easier as the teacher has access to all student work through the program. They can view a dashboard of every student’s Google Drive account and do not have to be as concerned with setting up a shared folder scheme. The bottom line is that with Hapara Teacher Dashboard it is super easy to have students turn in work using Google Drive on their iPads.

In August 2014 Google will be releasing their Classroom program for teachers to use to distribute and collect student work. This should make sharing and accepting work much easier. The folder sharing method may not be needed.

Turn in anything using built in “Open In Another App” function on the iPad.

When students select the function “Open In Another App” they have the option to open the file in other apps on the iPad. This opens up a lot more options from having students saving work into Google Drive to having them use another app to do additional editing tasks.


Students work in a variety of apps can be shared directly with the teacher if it is added to their Google Drive. The directions below show how students can add work from iWork, as well as their camera roll to their Google Drive.

Sharing iWork and Images/Videos To Google Drive From iPad

[ezcol_1half]Apps that share directly to Google Drive




Explain Everything


Comic Life

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Apps that work can be shared into the iPad photo library and uploaded into student Google Drive on the iPad.


Animation HD


Popplet Lite

Trading Cards

[/ezcol_1half_end] Instructions: Sharing iWork and Camera Roll To Google Drive (pdf)


Provide student feedback on writing using Comment feature.

One of the key advantages to using Google Drive in writing is the ability for teachers to provide comments directly on students work. Students will not need to print out assignments and they will more likely follow the revisions when it is embedded in the original text that they wrote. The revision is more direct when the feedback is on the document they are editing on. Teachers can also point out mechanics very easy by color coding the highlighting or color coding text inside the document itself.


This again is just an option as teachers have their own preferred way that they prefer doing feedback for student writing. It would be worth trying however to see if you can adapt over to it as it keeps everything more organized and does provide students more direct interaction with the editing process.

Note: This only works when the text is written in Google Drive. If it is composed in Pages and shared to Google Drive, it cannot have comments added to it. Students can copy and paste text from Pages into Google Docs.

If you’re making dozens of comments per assignment, you can shave minutes (even hours) off your workload by implementing these easy to use keyboard shortcuts.

1.) Select a passage, paragraph, sentence or word that you want to comment on.

2.) To insert a comment:
– Chrome or PC users – CTRL + ALT + M
– Mac users – Option + Command + M

Keep in mind that if you don’t press actually make the comment, your changes inside the comment box will not be saved (unlike automatic saved changes for the rest of Google Drive).

3.) Use the keyboard shortcut to submit the comment:
– Chrome, PC or Mac – CTRL + Enter

Should students use Google Docs or Pages for writing on the iPad?

With Google Drive becoming better integrated with the iPad, students now have the ability to create documents right within the Google Drive app. This gives the student the ability to not only work on their iPad, but also make the writing accessible on any device or computer that has access to Google Drive. Teachers also have immediate access to view and provide feedback to students through the Teacher Dashboard. This is a very simple to monitor progress on student writing, as well as be able to work directly with the student on their writing.

Pages on the iPad is a very good word processor, especially when students are adding images and tables to their project. The writing can be copy and pasted from Google Drive into a Pages document. Students can also share their final draft as a printable PDF through Pages to Google Drive.

The best scenario may be for students to do their drafting in Google Drive and the publishing in Pages. This way students can use the strength of both apps when writing and publishing.


Less Paper Ideas

Less Paper With Google

Using Google Apps for students to submit work electronically.

Less Paper With Edmodo

Use Edmodo to adapt tests, assignments and classroom discussions to digital.

Less Paper With Notability

Use iPads for digital journals, notes, and annotating any PDF.