_65B1592ThinkWrite is publishing a series of guides that provide background knowledge and assistance for a variety of aspects of implementing an iPad program in a school or district. The guides are adapted from the groundwork from the Apple Distinguished Program in the Encinitas Union School District.

New guides will be published regularly.


First Two Weeks With iPads

If you are getting a class full of iPads for the first time there are a lot of details that need to be considered. This guide breaks down some of the most important considerations for the first two weeks of the program including introducing apps, setting boundaries and setting goals. 

Using Less Paper

A paperless classroom is hard to attain, but working towards using less paper is much more manageable for all teachers. This guide provides specific examples and workflows for reducing the amount of paper consumed in the classroom by adapting practices to programs like Google Drive and Edmodo.  

True Cost of iPad Program

Beyond the cost of the iPads themselves, what are the true cost of an 1:1 iPad program? This guide breaks down all the different needs to consider for a complete instructional program. This includes not just accessories, but apps, digital curriculum and charging. Use the downloadable Excel worksheet to put in your own numbers.