Four iOS 8 Features For Customizing Learning

iOS 8 has some great features that were added that can customize the learning experience for students. Here are four we think all students should be familiar with.

MG_iPad_4_-_960x720Speak Screen

Anyone can now have whatever text is on the screen read to them automatically by setting a two finger down swipe in accessibility. This means that students who need reading assistance can have anything that is text-based on the iPad read to them. Onscreen controls appear when the feature is activated for increasing or decreasing the speed of the text being read, as well as pausing and skipping a paragraph ahead or back.

To activate:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Toggle Speak Screen on

MG_iPad_4_-_960x720Predictive Typing

When using the on-screen keyboard, the new predictive typing feature will increase the speed of student typing. Above the keyboard appears suggestions of words that your device predicts you may be writing. Students can tap the words at the top as they type to speed up their writing input.

To activate:

Settings > General > Keyboard > Toggle Predictive on


Real-time dictation display on Siri

The voice to text accuracy should be greatly improved as students see the text appearing as they speak it on the screen. To use Siri must be activated.

Settings > Siri > Toggle Siri om


Better integration of apps between each other.

Apple has deeply integrated third-party apps by giving them more capabilities in operating in other apps. This means that a student can open work, photos, etc. into other apps directly without having to save and then export to camera roll and then open up in the other app.