Like Google Drive, students can turn in assignments and other work into Edmodo. This gives the teacher a place to collect all the work and also see who has not done specific assignments.

If your school or district uses another LMS, all of these practices can be easily adapted to any LMS.

Use discussions to capture student responses

A lot of teachers take advantage of the discussion option in Edmodo, as this creates a new type of activity that cannot be replicated easily with paper. Using discussions in Edmodo provides a map of the conversations or thoughts of the students. Teachers often pull up the discussion thread and will review specific student responses with the whole group on the projector. This provides all students the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions and will often save the teacher from having to collect single responses on paper that then they review and likely throw away.

Have students complete assignments on Edmodo

Turning in assignments on Edmodo for a grade is something that is an added benefit with one to one access. Since every student has the ability to work on the iPad at any time, they can easily use Edmodo for turning in assignments. The benefit of using Edmodo instead of students turning in work on paper, is that the student gets the grade right away as soon as teacher reviews it. Students also can see any comments the teacher has left, as well as leave comments for the teacher. They also have a record of the assignment for as long as it is in their Edmodo group. The teacher also can review all students that have turned an assignment in and those that have not on their dashboard on Edmodo. It is also easy to go through each assignment as they are all listed vertically on one webpage that the teacher can scroll through without having to switch pages.

Link: Post a new assignment


One recommended practice if using Edmodo for assignments is to have students draft their response in Google Drive or Pages and copy and paste into the assignment text box in Edmodo. This way if they are not finished with the writing of the assignment and they are transitioning to another activity it will be saved for them automatically. If they are doing it in Edmodo, it is not saved automatically and if the webpage is closed or changed to another page they will lose all the writing. This happened to a few teachers I have talked to in the past when they first started using Edmodo.

Using the “Open In” function on the iPad also allow students to send any work they have done on the iPad to Edmodo directly. This means that they do not have to just turn in assignments where they write in the text box, they can also turn in work that was marked up in Notability, produced in Keynote, or even created as a screencasts in Explain Everything. Teacher still has the ability to add the grades to each of these assignments right in Edmodo. Students and the teacher have access to the assignments as long as the Edmodo group is active. Students also have the option to update their assignment if the teacher allows this.

Setup tests on Edmodo

Not only can add Edmodo handle assignments, but it can also do quizzes and tests as well. The teacher will create the test in Edmodo and share it with the students. Any multiple-choice or fill in the blank answers are automatically graded. Teacher just has to go back to review any open ended questions if there are any on the test.

Tests that are created in one year will be available for the teacher in the future, so they do not have to reproduce the same tests if they are using them multiple years. They can also pull individual questions from tests and create a new version of the test as well. This would then mean they would just have to add additional questions, but not all new questions for tests.

Link: Create and send a new quiz

Do Spelling Tests on Edmodo

Spelling tests are often something that takes time on a teacher’s schedule to correct and get back to students. This is especially true if you want students to have scores on the same day. Some teachers have started using Edmodo for spelling tests. They will create a test in Edmodo that uses fill in answers as the question type. Instead of writing the word on paper, they type in the word to the text box after the teacher tsays it out loud. This will automatically grade the test as the teacher has already input the answers when they created each of them fill and questions.

One thing that is important to know about having students do spelling tests in Edmodo, is that if AutoCorrect is on on a students, the iPad it may change the word automatically. To turn this off, students will go into the settings on the iPad.

Post assignment directions on Edmodo

Giving student directions for assignments can be done digitally very easily as well. Probably the best way to do this is to post it with the assignment that was created in Edmodo. The students then open the assignment and have direct access to whatever resources were created to provide instructions. Even easier is to post the instructions as a message on the Edmodo timeline where students can access it. This way the excuse of I couldn’t find the directions is only valid if they couldn’t find their iPad.

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